Choosing a Garage Door Repair Company in Glendale, AZ

Your Garage Door is not working? Now what? Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a which garage door repair company in Glendale, AZ to hire.Glendale's Garage Door Doctor services Glendale, AZ

First and foremost, they should be ROC Licensed Contractors. Glendale’s Garage Door Doctor is licensed by the ROC (ROC#268242).
The Registrar of Contractors is there to protect consumers, but they can only assist the consumer if a licensed contracted is used. The ROC can file charges against an unlicensed contractor, but that doesn’t help the consumer with a problem. The ROC can make a licensed contractor return to a job and fix a problem if the job is not done to industry standards. Failing that, the ROC can ‘fine’ a licensed contractor on behalf of a consumer to help the consumer get the job done correctly by someone else. Moral of the story? The ROC will help consumers, but only if a licensed contractor was hired in the first place.

Second, the company should be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Glendale’s Garage Door Doctor has an A+ Rating with the BBB.
Similar to the ROC, the BBB can only help consumers with issues with BBB member companies. The BBB can help mediate disputes between the consumer the contractor.

Finally, the consumer should look to trusted, verified reviews like those on Home Advisor and Angie’s List. Glendale’s Garage Door Doctor is among the most highly rated garage door companies, not just in Glendale, but nationally.
Both these companies verify the consumer actually hired the company being reviewed. Other sites such as Yelp make no such distinction. Anyone with an email address can write any review on Yelp, whether they interacted with the company or not.

In conclusion, choosing an ROC licensed, BBB member with great verified ratings gives you the best chance of find a great Garage Door Company like Glendale’s Garage Door Doctor in Glendale, AZ. Call us today at 623-825-7344.

Memorial Day 2016

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. The weekend that traditionally kicks off summer. But Memorial Day has more meaning than just the start of summer. Memorial Day is the day we honor the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. The liberties and freedoms that we all to often take for granted are protected and defended by the selfless acts of these heroes.

So, instead of thinking about the weekend, the cookouts, and the pool parties, please take just a moment to reflect on the fallen men and women of our armed forces and their families.

Arlington National Cemetary





Thank You!

May is National Home Improvement Month

May is National Home Improvement Month. The weather is improving in most of the country, while those of us in Arizona are still hoping for a late arrival of summer. Regardless, May is a great time to assess your home and consider your next home improvement project. May we humbly suggest a new garage door? Few home improvement projects have a higher ROI than a new garage door.

Often times, the garage door is 20 to 40 percent of the view facing a home. Replacing the garage door can really improve the curb appeal of your home.

Many people now use their garage doors as the main point of entry and exit. A new garage door should be quiet and last through many years of regular use.

You too can go from this

Old Garage Door

To this in just a few hours

New Garage Door

If you are interested in a new garage door, contact the experts at Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor for a free estimate and design consultation at 602-495-1555.




To this in just a few hours

Upgrade to Elite

While supplies last, Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor is running a very special sale.  Upgrade from a LiftMaster Premium Belt Drive to a LiftMaster Master Elite Belt Drive for just $15.  That is a savings of over 300%.LiftMaster Elite Garage Door Opener with MyQ

You already know LiftMaster makes the best Garage Door Openers available for residential garages.  The belt drive openers are quieter, feature better warranties and reduced maintenance over the chain drive openers.

Now, for a limited time, you can upgrade from a 1/2HP LiftMaster Premium Belt Drive (model 8355) garage door opener to a 3/4HP* DC LiftMaster Elite Belt Drive (model 8550) garage door opener for just $15.  The 8550 features include a full 5 year warranty on the opener, a lifetime warranty on the motor and belt, a free backup battery, timer-to-close, and a digital wall station with motion sensing light control.  All this for just $15.

upgrade_to_elite_8550_couponIt is a no-brainer! Upgrade to Elite for just $15, today!  Call us at The Door Doctor at 602-495-1555 today to order your new garage door opener. But hurry this offer is limited to supplies on hand.

*DC motors are measured not in HP, but in Newtons.  The 8550 is 800 Newtons which is equivalent to a 3/4HP AC motor.

Free Internet Gateway and Garage Door Monitor

LiftMaster Elite Garage Door Opener with MyQAs part of National Garage Door Safety Month, LiftMaster is giving a free internet gateway and a free garage door monitor to customers who purchase select professionally installed garage door openers during the month of June. This is an $80 value.

The internet gateway allows MyQ and your smart phone, tablet or computer to control your garage door. You can even get notified by MyQ when you garage door is opened or closed.

The garage door monitor alerts you in the home when your garage door is opened and allows you to close your garage door from the monitor.

All you need to do is complete this form and mail it to LiftMaster with a copy of your receipt and LiftMaster will send you the gateway and the garage door monitor.

If you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment for you new LiftMaster Garage Door Opener, just call us at the Door Doctor at 602-495-1555.

June is National Garage Door Safety Month

Check the Safety Features of your Garage Door Opener, Today!

Check the Safety Features of your Garage Door Opener, Today!

June is National Garage Door Safety Month. Of course, we recommend you test the basic safety features of your garage door opener monthly, but, now is the perfect time to get into the garage and perform this five minute safety test.

First, inspect the sides of the garage door for properly installed photo eyes, also known as safety sensors, mounted no more than six (6) inches off the floor.

Second, block one photo eye with an object over six (6) inches tall, and press the garage door opener’s close button. The garage door should not close.

Third, lay a one and one-half (1.5″) inch object, like a two by four (2×4) block of wood, on the ground in the garage door’s path and press the garage door opener’s close button. The door should touch the object and reverse off the object back to the open position.

If your door fails any of these three safety tests, your garage door needs immediate attention. Call the Door Doctor at 602-495-1555 and we will get an expert technician to your door to inspect, service, and if necessary repair, your garage door or garage door opener so you can be worry free.