Garage Door Remote Troubleshooting

In general, interferenceLiftMaster 895 Garage Door Opener Remote issues and remote malfunctions can be very frustrating for any homeowner. In today’s age of wireless access, it is common for a homeowner not to have a secondary method of entry into the home as the garage door has replaced the front door for most day-to-day needs. Understanding issues that may arise with your primary home entry method will help you, as a consumer, be prepared to tackle this situation when you see it. 

As a service technician I have seen multiple occasions where a customer calls us out with the general complaint, “I push the button and nothing happens.” The difficult part about this statement is that it lacks in specificity. To start the discussion, we are going to assume the following example is true.

1) Customer has two or more remotes.

2) The hardwired wall station in the garage is functional.

3) The remote that the customer is trying to use in not working.

The most common issue is a dead or weak battery in the remote.  This is an easy fix, so you will want to do some quick diagnosing before requesting a service call. The first step in diagnosing the remote in question is simple. Grab the second remote and see if it works. If it does, then the remote that does not work has one of two problems. Either the battery is dead or the remote has failed. Do yourself a favor and change the battery out on the bad remote and try reprogramming it. If it programs than you are good to go. If not, purchase a new remote and discard the old one.

Occasionally, a remote will lose its’ programming when the battery dies, meaning after replacing the battery you will need to reprogram the remote to the garage door opener. Programming methods can be found in your owner’s manual or online on the website for your brand of operator. Generally programming is fairly simple with small variances between manufactures. Be sure to read up your owners manual’s section on remote programming first due to the possibility of clearing out all of the stored remotes while attempting to program of a new remote or reprogram an existing remote.

If you find that the remotes do not work with battery changes or swapping to new remotes then you may have run into interference. This topic will be covered in the next post.

Of course, you can always contact us here at Door Doctor West at 602-495-1555 with questions!

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