Garage Door Repair | Fair and Honest Pricing

At Door Doctor West we like to brag about offering “fair and honest” pricing to our customers, but what is fair and honest pricing?  Is it just a catchy slogan or is there more substance behind the slogan?  Lets look at the words individually and then collectively and see what “fair and honest” pricing means to our customers.

Fair pricing means that we will charge a price that is fair to the consumer and is reasonable to provide a modest profit for us. Door Doctor West is a fully licensed, insured reputable company that is committed to being here for our customers going forward.  Charging a price that is fair to both the customer and Door Doctor West is one way to ensure we will be here in the future.

Honest pricing means that we will never engage in deceitful pricing practices.  When you call Door Doctor West, you will be quoted the same price as a technician in your garage will quote.  We don’t include trip charges, fuel surcharges, shop fees or any other miscellaneous fees.  We don’t use misleading coupons that at first glance seem like a deal, but don’t mention the ‘other’ charges.  When we quote a price for a garage door, a garage door opener, or a repair, that is the price you pay.

So, “fair and honest” pricing means the customer is getting real value for the services we provide.  Customers can be assured there are no hidden fees and they can trust our prices.  And, the prices we charge allow us to keep our commitment to the customer.

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