Garage Door Repair: Protecting the Consumer

Bear with me again, today, but I have another rant.  Last week is was unkept appointments and unlicensed contractors, today it is selling reconditioned products as new.  It seems that rising parts costs is moving some contractors into the unsavory practice of selling used and sometimes reconditioned parts as new.

For example, yesterday we received a call from a customer with a ‘brand new’ opener installed by another company.  The opener was originally manufactured in 2007.  The customer immediately had problems with the opener.  The company that installed the supposedly new opener referred the customer back to the manufacturer for warranty service.  Once the manufacturer identified the opener as not being new, the customer had no warranty at all and the company that installed the opener is not standing behind their work.

Today, we received a call from a customer specifically asking if we sold refurbished openers instead of new openers.  It doesn’t take long for news about bad practices and scams to get around and we were glad the customer knew enough to ask the question.  Fortunately for our customer, Door Doctor West buys openers directly from the manufacturer.  She received a brand new garage door opener that rolled off the manufacturer’s assembly line just three weeks ago.

I strongly recommend that customers watch the opener come off the service truck and make sure the packaging is new.  Check the manufactured date on the box and on the control board to make sure they match.  If there are any questions, you can call the manufacturer with the serial number and they will tell you the exact date the opener was built.

As always, we are happy to answer questions and support our customers.  If you need your garage door repaired or just have questions, contact us at 602-495-1555 or via email.

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