Garage Door Repair: Unkept Appointments

It seems like this is Pet Peeve month here at Door Doctor West.  Last week I wrote about unlicensed contractors and today I want to write about customers that do not keep their appointments or make appointments with multiple contractors.  Both practices end up driving up the cost of garage door repair for the everyone in the market.

It seems obvious that if a customer makes an appointment to have their garage door repaired and is not home when the technician arrives that the service company’s cost structure has to include overhead for those missed appointments.  Just the extra cost in gas and vehicle maintenance to get the technician to the customer’s home can be significant.  Please, if you make an appointment and cannot be home, call us to reschedule the appointment.  Of course emergencies happen, and in an emergency, the last thing you want to do is worry about cancelling appointments and that we understand.  But, outside of an emergency, please call to reschedule your appointment.  We will happily find another time that is convenient for you!

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