Garage Door Repair: Unlicensed Contractors

I cringe every time I see an unbranded truck on the highway carrying garage doors and/or garage door openers.  I know someone somewhere is working with an unlicensed contractor and that hurts the industry as a whole.  Licensed contractors have to adhere to certain practices that protect the consumer.  We have to be bonded, insured, and agree to work with the licensing agency to resolve consumer issues.

While not all unlicensed contractors are ‘fly-by-night’ outfits, the likelihood of the unlicensed contractor being around in the future to provide warranty support is a lot less than licensed contractors.

Moreover, we have our reputation to protect.  Our name is on our trucks in big bold letters.  Everyone can see the work we are doing.  We are proud of our reputation and the quality work we do.  We want you to see our work.

Unbranded trucks can do whatever they want and no one is the wiser.  Future customers may notice a poor quality install and still call on the unbranded truck without realizing they’ve seen the poor quality work.

Our best advice is still ‘do your homework’.  Look up the contractor with the local licensing agency.  Is their license current?  Do they have unresolved complaints?  What is their rating with the BBB?  Licensed, reputable contractors will stand up to this scrutiny, proudly.

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