Garage Doors – Styles and Design Options – Traditional Doors

Replacing your Garage Door can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home. There are lots of styles of new garage doors to be considered and sometimes it is too much to visualize. To help, we are creating a series of posts where we review the basic styles of garage doors. In the series, we will include the design options of each category of door and some before and after pictures.

We will start with a basic or Traditional garage door.

Most garage doors today are made of steel. The thickness of the steel can vary between 26 and 24 gauge with the larger the number the thinner the steel.  A pattern is stamped in the face of the steel to reduce flexing as the door rolls up and down. Most commonly, that pattern features a subtle wood grain and either squares or rectangles.

Here is a picture of the squares, which we call a “short panel” door:

Traditional Short Panel Garage Door in WhiteHere is a picture of the rectangles, which we call a “long panel” door:

Traditional Long Panel Garage Door in WhiteAlso, with the thicker steels a “flush panel” is available, this has neither squares or rectangles:

Traditional Flush Panel Garage Door in WhiteTraditional doors can have windows or “lights” installed in a section. Usually this is the top section, but some people prefer to look of a door with the windows in the third section. Decorative inserts can be added to the windows to create designs that further the customization possibilities.

Traditional Short Panel Garage Door in White with Windows and InsertsFinally, traditional doors come in a variety of colors from the manufactures. While white and almond are far and away the most popular colors, brown, green and shades of tan and gray are available. And, of course, garage doors can be painted to match any décor.Traditional Flush Panel Garage Door in Red

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor at 602-495-1555. We offer free onsite estimates and design consultations.

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