Garage Doors – Styles and Design Options – Wood Overlay Doors

Replacing your Garage Door can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home. There are lots of styles of new garage doors to be considered and sometimes it is too much to visualize. To help, we are creating a series of posts where we review the basic styles of garage doors. We will include the design options of each and some before and after pictures.

This article will cover Wood Overlay Garage Doors.

Wood Overlay doors offer the greatest degree of customization available to designers. Wood overlay doors will start on a sturdy steel door. Real, and sometime composite, wood is then attached to the steel door. The overlay is hand built and constructed. The result can be stunningly unique patterns that truly enhance the visual design of a home. These garage doors can designed to match entry doors and gates to bring together the total design concept of a home.

Of course, window and hardware options galore exist. The only limit to overlay doors is the imagination of the designer.

Here are some examples of Overlay Garage Doors:Custom Overlay Garage Door Unique Custom Overlay Garage Door Overlay Garage Door Matching Entry Door Overlay Garage Door in Carriage House Style Custom Overlay Garage Door with Windows

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