Genie Screw Drive Maintenance

Genie Screw Drive Garage Door OpenerRoutine maintenance of garage doors and motors is essential to maximizing the life span of your door system. Many people may feel they are unqualified to perform maintenance, but here we will explain how to perform basic maintenance on your Genie Screw Drive garage door motor.

Genie Screw Drive motors are very simple units, there are three basic systems: The motor housing, electronics, and the drive rail. As a home owner, the only part you need to focus on is the drive rail portion of the operator. For most Genie Screw Drive motors, the drive rail is an aluminum bar with a worm gear “screw” inside with a  traveler that rides along the screw as it spins. Both the traveler and the screw have metal teeth that are in constant contact so lubricating the drive rail is very important. Without regular lubrication, the teeth on the traveler will wear and start to rattle.

Lubrication should be applied every 6 months with normal use or as unit makes excessive noise. When lubricating the drive rail, we recommend using a low temperature grease, which most commonly comes in a tube found at a local hardware store. To lubricate the drive rail a bead of grease is applied to the full length of the rail along the screw (see attached picture). Once applied it is important to wipe of excessive grease from the carriage after a few cycles to prevent any dripping. Grease can damage car paint and can easily stain carpet.

With regular greasing, the Genie Screw Drive garage door motor will continue to run smoothly and quietly for years.

If you have any questions about how to maintain your Genie Garage Door Opener, call Door Doctor West at 602-495-1555.

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