LiftMaster 8500 Side Mount Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Openers have certainly made our lives easier. Between keychain sized remotes, keypads, remotes built into our cars, and smart phone apps, the garage door is now the primary point of entry and exit into many of our homes.jackshaft_garage_door_opener

The only downside to most modern garage door openers is the mounting system. The motor head is mounted in the center of the garage and an 8’ or longer boom is suspended between the motor head and the wall above the garage door. This system blocks access to lights, storage rafters, attics, and other ceiling options in the garage.

LiftMaster has a solution. The 8500 is a side mount (also called a JackShaft) garage door opener. That means the motor head is mounted to the torsion shaft and on the wall next to the garage door. There is no boom or rail. The 8500 turns the torsion shaft directly. It is out of the way, clearing the center of the garage ceiling for better uses.

As part of the Elite Series of openers from LiftMaster, the 8500 comes with a lifetime motor warranty and a 5 year warranty on other parts.  There are a variety of accessories available with the 8500 as well; they include: battery backup, a remote light kit, and MyQ internet access.Elite Series 8500 Garage Door Opener

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