Garage Door Repair: Unlicensed Contractors

I cringe every time I see an unbranded truck on the highway carrying garage doors and/or garage door openers.  I know someone somewhere is working with an unlicensed contractor and that hurts the industry as a whole.  Licensed contractors have to adhere to certain practices that protect the consumer.  We have to be bonded, insured, and agree to work with the licensing agency to resolve consumer issues. Continue reading

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Garage Door Torsion Spring Comparison

Garage Door Repair | Broken Torsion Spring

One of the more common questions customers ask us is “What is the difference between oil tempered and galvanized springs?”  Of course, this is almost always followed up with “Which is best for me?”

Oil tempered and galvanized springs both serve the same purpose.  They provided the lifting power for opening your garage door.  Properly sized, torsion springs can hold your garage door open at virtually any point off the ground and make moving door as simple as opening a swinging door. Continue reading

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