TorqueMaster by Wayne Dalton Garage Door Spring Repair

TorqueMaster Garage Door Spring Repair

There are two primary types on spring systems used on sectional garage doors in Arizona. The industry standard is the torsion spring system where the torsion springs are installed around a central shaft. The springs are wound to create the rotational force necessary to lift your garage door. The second system is proprietary to the Wayne-Dalton brand of garage doors, called the TorqueMaster Plus System. The TorqueMaster spring system uses plastic drums and reduction gears. The springs are inside a thin steel tube and wound using a specialty winding tool.

The advantages of the torsion spring system over the TorqueMaster spring system include easier troubleshooting, interchangeable industry standard parts, increased longevity and reduced cost.

When a TorqueMaster spring breaks, most garage door service companies will insist on replacing the TorqueMaster system with a conversion to the standard torsion system. Arizona's Garage Door Doctor offers both conversions to the standard torsion system and replacement of TorqueMaster Plus systems. The conversion is usually the better solution; however, if you have a working I-Drive garage door opener, replacing the TorqueMaster may be the way to go. Our experts at Arizona's Garage Door Doctor will fully diagnose your TorqueMaster system and discuss all the replacement options to help you make the most informed decision possible. Call us today at 602-495-1555. to discuss solution to your TorqueMaster problems.

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