Update 3/23/2020

As the virus begins to infect Arizona, we are staying open to protect the critical infrastructure of your homes and workplace; namely secure entry and exit.  Most people are now using their garage door as their primary entry/exit to their home.  For this reason, we must stay prepared to service and repair those garage doors.  The security of our customers depends on it.

Additionally, we are making some changes to our processes to further protect our customers and technicians.  We are asking our customers not to invite our technicians into their home.  We are asking our customers and technicians to maintain the appropriate social distancing.  Procedurally, our technicians will knock on your door and then meet you in the garage.  They will request you return into your home while they diagnose the issue.  Once the technician has completed the diagnosis, he will ask you to return to the garage to explain the issue and discuss options.  When you approve the work to be done you may return to your home while the technician performs the work.  Once the work is completed, he will ask you to return to the garage to explain the work performed and complete the necessary paperwork.  If you prefer not to interface with the technician face to face, he will accommodate that request.  Communication can happen via cell phone and/or text messaging.

Thank You for understanding while we do our best to serve and protect our customers and our community.


Update 3/18/2020

It is easy to say that nothing is more important than our customers.  It is a little harder to put those words into practice.  It is harder still to make that part of a company’s DNA.

At Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor, the importance and value of our customers has been woven into our workplace since our inception.  All new employees are taught to value each and every customer.  So, it goes without saying, the impact of the Coronavirus on our customers is important to us.

We want to take a moment and share with you how we are adjusting our procedures to protect our customers and our employees.

First, we have upgraded our capacity for our office staff to work remotely.

Next, we are providing our technicians with protective gear to wear while on each job site.  They will wear a new pair nitrile gloves while visiting each customer.  We are installing cleaning stations in our trucks enabling our technicians to completely wash their hands and faces between jobs.  We are providing the technicians with disinfectant sprays so they can keep their trucks clean.  They will also use the disinfectant on surfaces in your garage that they touch while repairing your garage door and/or garage door opener.

These steps will help our employees, technicians, and our customers keep from transmitting this virus between us.

We want to hear from you, too.  If you have comments or concerns, you can always reach us at 602-495-1555 or via the comments section below.

Thank You!