Designer Series Garage Doors by Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor.

The Designer Series Garage Doors bridge the gap between Traditional and Custom Garage Doors. The Designer Series are steel doors with unique stamp patterns and colors, including wood-like colors. These doors are eye-popping and beautiful.

Designer Series Garage Door Styles

The Designer Series of Garage Doors offer an exciting blend of steel stamps and color combinations to make your garage door come alive and boost curb appeal. These doors are highly affordable, too.


Arizona's Garage Door Doctor sells and installs designer garage doors with multi-layer construction in Phoenix, AZ

Designer Series Garage Door Construction

Designer Series Garage Doors, like most steel doors are available in three construction designs. Designer Series doors are available in 1 3/8″ or 2″ thicknesses and either 24 or 25 gauge steel (the lower the gauge, the thicker the steel). As you might imagine, the thicker steel and the thicker the door, the stronger the garage door will be. The strongest most durable is a triple-layering of insulation sandwiched between the exterior steel face and an interior steel skin. A dual-layering of vinyl backed insulation inside the steel pocket is also available. And for the most cost conscious, a single steel face is an option.

Window and Window Treatments

Just like traditional garage doors, windows and window treatments can be integrated into your designer series door. Windows in garage doors allow more light into the garage and give designers a lot more choices in creating the style that fits your home.

Arizona's Garage Door Doctor sells and installs designer garage doors with window options in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona's Garage Door Doctor sells and installs designer garage doors with unique hardware accessories in Phoenix, AZ

Decorative Hardware

The final touch in creating a truly unique garage door includes the decorative hardware accent pieces. A wide assortment of hinges, straps, handles, clavos, locks, and knockers are available to match the unique style of your home and make your garage door an integrated component of the design of your home.