Garage Doors by Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor.

A new garage door can be a beautiful addition to your home increasing both curb appeal and the value of the home. In fact, a recent study ranked garage door replacements amoung the highest ROI of all home improvement projects.


Garage Door Styles

Garage Doors come in a variety of styles and colors to complement your house. Beyond traditional steel doors, which are largely similar patterns and colors, are unique options to make your home stand apart and reflect your style. Carriage House style doors are meant to look like swinging barn doors and complement rustic style homes. For a more custom look, garage doors can be manufactured with wood overlay to give the look of a wood door with the durability of a steel door.

Custom Garage Doors

Custom Garage Doors are made specifically to match your house. Typically a heavy duty steel door is used as a base and a wood or composite overlay is attached to the face of the door to give the door a unique style and color. Wood overlays can be stained while composite overlays can be painted.

Arizona's Garage Door Doctor sells and installs custom garage doors such as wood overlay garage doors in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona's Garage Door Doctor sells and installs carriage house garage doors in Phoenix, AZ

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage House Garage Doors are usually steel garage doors with an integrated design, either in steel or in an overlay, that mimics the look of a Carriage House or even barn doors. Carriage Houses are detached garages or stables often with living space above the garage.

Designer Series Garage Doors

The Designer Series Garage Doors bridge the gap between Traditional and Custom Garage Doors. The Designer Series are steel doors with unique stamp patterns and colors, including wood-like colors. These doors are eye-popping and beautiful.

Arizona's Garage Door Doctor sells and installs new designer garage doors in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona's Garage Door Doctor sells and installs new garage doors in Phoenix, AZ

Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional steel doors are the most common garage doors in Arizona. These doors are the everyday workhorse for the vast majority of homes. Don’t be misled, though, many options for customizing your door exist, including color, stamp pattern, windows and window treatments, and decorative hardware.